Wisconsin Labels

 Miller Brewing Co   Milwaukee   1855 - 2002
WI-MBC-100   12oz
WI-MBC-101   12oz
WI-MBC-102   12oz
WI-MBC-200   12oz
WI-MBC-201   12oz
WI-MBC-202   12oz
WI-MBC-203   12oz
WI-MBC-204   12oz
WI-MBC-205   12oz
WI-MBC-206   12oz
C - Art Davidson
WI-MBC-207   7oz
WI-MBC-208   12oz
WI-MBC-209   946 ml
for export to Mexico
WI-MBC-210   12oz
WI-MBC-211   7oz
Upgrade Wanted
WI-MBC-300   12oz
WI-MBC-302   12oz
WI-MBC-303   12oz
WI-MBC-304   12oz
WI-MBC-305   12oz
WI-MBC-306   12oz
WI-MBC-307   12oz
WI-MBC-308   12oz
WI-MBC-309   12oz
WI-MBC-310   12oz
WI-MBC-311   12oz
WI-MBC-312   12oz
WI-MBC-313   12oz
WI-MBC-314   12oz
WI-MBC-315  12oz
WI-MBC-316  12oz
WI-MBC-317  22oz
WI-MBC-318  12oz
WI-MBC-319  12oz
WI-MBC-320  22oz
WI-MBC-321  22oz
WI-MBC-322  355ml
for export to Mexico
WI-MBC-323  ???
for export to Russia
WI-MBC-324  ???
for export to Taiwan
WI-MBC-325  ???
for export to China
WI-MBC-326  12oz
WI-MBC-327  12oz
WI-MBC-400   16oz
WI-MBC-401   12oz
WI-MBC-402   12oz
WI-MBC-403   12oz
WI-MBC-404   12oz
WI-MBC-405   12oz
WI-MBC-406   12oz
WI-MBC-407   12oz
WI-MBC-408   12oz
WI-MBC-409   12oz
WI-MBC-410   40oz
WI-MBC-411   12oz
C - Art Davidson
WI-MBC-412  ???
for export to Turkey
WI-MBC-413  12oz
for export to Puerto Rico
WI-MBC-414  .355L
for export to Thailand
WI-MBC-415  330ml
for export to Sweden
WI-MBC-416  .355L
for export to Taiwan
WI-MBC-417  355ml
for export to Austrailia
WI-MBC-418  .355ml
for export to Mexico
WI-MBC-419  330ml
for export to Spain
WI-MBC-420  .33L
for export to Greece
WI-MBC-421  330ml
for export to Germany
WI-MBC-422  ???
for export to Norway
WI-MBC-423  330ml
for export to Iceland
WI-MBC-424  .355L
for export to China
WI-MBC-425  12oz
for export to Korea
WI-MBC-426  ???
for export to Ukraine
WI-MBC-427  330ml
for export to England
WI-MBC-428  7oz
for export to Puerto Rico
WI-MBC-429  12oz
Upgrade Wanted
WI-MBC-430  12oz
Upgrade Wanted
WI-MBC-431  12oz
WI-MBC-432  12oz
WI-MBC-433  12oz
WI-MBC-434  12oz
C - Art Davidson
WI-MBC-435  12oz
C - Art Davidson
WI-MBC-436  12oz
WI-MBC-500   12oz
WI-MBC-501   12oz
WI-MBC-502   12oz
for export to Taiwan
WI-MBC-504   12oz
WI-MBC-505   12oz
WI-MBC-600   12oz
WI-MBC-601   12oz
WI-MBC-602   12oz
WI-MBC-603   12oz
WI-MBC-604   no cont
C - Art Davidson
WI-MBC-605   12oz
C - Art Davidson
WI-MBC-606   7oz
WI-MBC-607   12oz
WI-MBC-608   12oz
WI-MBC-609   12oz
WI-MBC-610   12oz
WI-MBC-610   12oz
WI-MBC-610   12oz
WI-MBC-700   12oz
WI-MBC-701   12oz
WI-MBC-702   12oz
WI-MBC-703   12oz
WI-MBC-704   12oz
C - Art Davidson
WI-MBC-705   12oz
WI-MBC-706   12oz
WI-MBC-800   32oz
WI-MBC-801   32oz
WI-MBC-802   32oz
WI-MBC-803   12oz
WI-MBC-804   40oz
WI-MBC-805   40oz
WI-MBC-806   40oz
WI-MBC-807   40oz
WI-MBC-808   32oz
WI-MBC-808   40oz
WI-MBC-900   22oz
WI-MBC-901   22oz
WI-MBC-902   40oz
Upgrade Wanted

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